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Schooling Was for the Industrial Era, Unschooling Is for the Future

Article on the type of education we need for the present day published on the Foundation for Economic Education

This piece gives an overview of the history of education in America – a system that was designed to serve the needs of the day with factory style order. Even then, when education was first made compulsory in 1852 it was a much smaller requirement than it is today, eight to 14-year-olds being required to go just 12 weeks of the year.

Our education is still in this model of creating assembly line workers. Even though those jobs no longer exist, even though the future would seem to require creativity, innovation and ability to problem solve we still are educating in an outdated way.  “The past relied on passivity; the future will be built on passion.”

The article covers the way in which passion and interest leads to deep, valuable learning. The individual learns what truly interests them. So called Self Directed Education or Unschooling is the future. “Enlightened parents and innovative entrepreneurs may be the key players in constructing a new education model focused on freedom and designed for the Imagination Age.”

Read in full: Schooling Was for the Industrial Era, Unschooling Is for the Future (Foundation for Economic Education, 08 October 2017)

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