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Allan Norman: Home educated children and children missing from education

Allan Norman is an independent social worker and former lawyer with expertise in social work, information sharing and human rights. He kindly provided his opinion on home educated children and children missing from education.

Home-educated children and children missing from education – an opinion (1)

A previous article written by Allan Norman on how information sharing by social workers can put them in breach of human rights is also very relevant to home educators. This was first published in Professional Social Work, the journal of British Association of Social Work

Named Person Article: Back to 1984


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Allan Norman previously practiced as Celtic Knot
Significant cases involving Celtic Knot
AB & Anor, R (on the application of) v The London Borough of Haringey [2013] EWHC 416 (Admin) (13 March 2013)
BS v General Social Care Council [2011] UKUT 265 (AAC) (04 July 2011)
Bains v General Social Care Council [2010] UKFTT 641 (HESC) (22 December 2010)
Bath & North East Somerset Council v A Mother & Ors [2008] EWHC B10 (Fam) (22 December 2008)

Celtic Knot articles
SNP’s attempt to legalise state snooping on families is ‘doomed to disaster’, Sunday Express, 6th August 2017
Celtic Knot cited in Guardian ‘Adoption and child protection: are councils misusing a key part of the law?’ November 2015 – Article by Louise Tickle
Why social workers should be worried about surveillance laws, Guardian, 10th February 2015
Critics pan ‘State Guardian’ for every Scots child proposal, Express, 31st August 2013
Haringey council tried to crush our family, Telegraph, 7th April 2013
Working remotely in social care is not impossible, Guardian, 27th January 2012


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