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A Broken System Calls for Change Change Needed

Even the general secretary of the Association of School and College Leaders is sad

The school year is signed off with a hope that next year might be better

Education is about people, human interactions, not obsessive monitoring and feedback

Even for the general secretary of the Association of School and College Leaders, Geoff Barton, the school system isn’t something to be proud of right now. On a TES blog entry written at the end of the school year he covered many of the problems of the current school system, thinking about how much we are failing to give children a rich, joyful education, instead grinding them down by testing and assessment. He talks of the damage being done to children’s mental health because of the stress and pressure, the damage being done to health by the lack of physical exercise and the damage being done by an education that lacks the richness and fun you should be able to expect for children.

Read it in full: Next year we must reclaim education as ours (TES, 20 July 2018)

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