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How Minecraft and duct tape wallets prepare kids for the future

Vimeo founder Zach Klein on the learning found in untraditional places

Zach Klein, famous for co-founding Vimeo is also the CEO of and Jam both of which are full of projects and ideas for children and teens. He explains why there is value in things that to many adults can seem worthless.

“Whether it’s Minecraft or duct tape wallets, the childhood passions that seem like fads, if not totally unproductive, can alternatively be seen as mediums for experiencing the virtuous cycle of curiosity: discovering, trying, failing and growing. Often, the skills are unconventional, and almost always the results are surprising. I don’t think it’s important that kids use the skills they learn on DIY for the rest of their lives. What’s important is that kids develop the muscle to be fearless learners so that they are never stuck with the skills they have. Only this will prepare them for a world where change is accelerating and depending on a single skill to provide a lifetime career is becoming impossible.”

Read it in full: How Minecraft and Duct Tape Wallets Prepare Our Kids for Jobs That Don’t Exist Yet (Ed Surge, 26 May 2015)


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