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RSA: schools link with local community

RSA wants to link schools with their local community. This is of course an ethos and approach which home educated families very much live

“Relationships between schools and their communities are vital to developing young people’s social capital, and that there is much intellectual capital in local communities that can be mobilised for the benefit of students and teachers. Indeed, research has shown that when schools build relationships with other schools and community partners, they can contribute to improving equality within the school system and society as a whole.”

The project is hoped to encompass:

Civic Education, which connects students’ learning about democratic processes with active involvement in civic life, both in and with their local community.

Environmental Education, which capitalises on young people’s curiosity about the natural world by using the school’s surroundings and its local community as a framework for students’ learning.

Place-Based Learning, which uses the unique history, environment, culture, and economy of a particular place to provide a rich context for learning.

Service Learning, where students undertake research, strongly linked to academic goals, to identify a community need and respond to it.

Work-Based Learning, which makes learning more relevant by offering opportunities for contextual and applied learning in the workplace.”

Read more: Schools Without Walls (RSA, 5 Sep 2017)

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