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Xavier: passion for gaming and music led to successful career in competitive gaming

Xavier was home educated from 11-16. He loved video games, computing and music, and as a self-directed learner was supported to spend lots of time doing these things. He did get an International Business degree but was able to return to gaming and to forge a career as a commentator and CEO of his own company.

“I spent a few years being home educated due to moving house a few times, and having issues with bullies. In one school the bullies were other students and in another it was a teacher. I took an autonomous approach to education, so spent my time on activities that I found interesting and enjoyable. Having time at home to experience things at my own pace allowed me to deal effectively with the stresses and trauma I had experienced in school. I was able to establish a network of home educated friends with whom I could socialise. In fact, I met a wide variety of people during this time.

One of the main reasons I really enjoyed home education was because I could immerse myself deeply into hobbies such as gaming, bass guitar and computing. Although I later went on to get a bachelor’s degree in International Business, I ultimately am now working in the industry associated with the activities I enjoyed so much during my period of home education. I work in esports, a sub-sector of the Gaming industry, also called ‘Competitive Gaming’. I am a freelance commentator and am also CEO of a production/tournament organisation company I set up with colleagues.

If I had not been exposed to a life where I had control over how to use my time, I would have found it incredibly daunting to set out on a career in which I am my own boss. Without home education I would have less confidence myself and the industry in which I work. I would find it harder to manage and motivate myself, and would maybe never have managed to establish a career in the industry about which I’m so passionate.”


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