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A Broken System About Home Education Change Needed

A socialist case against persecuting home educators (Medium)

Home educated writer and editor Rowan Fortune writes on why home education is a necessary lifeline and why it should be defended now. His piece addresses and responds to the conflation of home education and concerns around abuse and the way this is used to justify monitoring.

The state school system should be the focus of media scrutiny for the bullying and abuse it harbours, but instead families who opt to find an alternative to having their children abused at school become the targets of this vilification. Journalists misrepresent isolated examples to attack home education, while the well-documented failures of the school system are excused — this is the privilege afforded to a model of school provision whose assumptions are accepted without question against a model of education whose very existence is scrutinised.”

Read it in full: A Socialist Case Against Persecuting Home-Educators (Medium, 16 July 2018)

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